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Pringle of Stichill, Craiglatch and Newhall (Craighleith)

The Lineage of the Pringles of Newhall:Sir Stuart Pringle of stitchill

  1. William Hoppringill, 1st of that ilk
  2. Adam (1) Hoppringill of that ilk
  3. Alexander Hoppringle (2nd son of Adam)
  4. William Hoppringle of Craigleith (Newhall), Constable of Cessford Castle (2nd son of Alexander)
  5. Alexander Hoppringle of Craigleith (Newhall)
  6. Robert (I) Hoppringle of Craigleith (Newhall)
  7. Alexander Hoppringill of Craigleith, Williamhope and Whitton
  8. George (I) Hoppringill of Craigleith - His second son Robert became the first of Stitchill.
  9. George (II) Hoppringill of Craigleith
  10. James Pringle (Fear)
  11. Robert (II) Pringle of Newhall - succeeded by his uncle
  12. Robert (III) Pringle in Caverton, now of Newhall - succeeded by his cousins.

The lineage of the Pringles of Stitchill:

  1. Robert Pringle of Baitingbush, 1st of Stitchill; MP Roxburghs 1639 and 1641. - Second son of George (I) of Newhall
  2. John Pringle (Fear), 2nd of Stitchill
  3. Sir Nova ScotiaRobert Pringle of Stichill, 1st Baronet (Nova Scotia), so created 5 Jan 1682/3, of Stichill, and from 1667 of Newhall; MP Roxburghs 1678 and 1682.
  4. Sir John Pringle of Stichill, 2nd Bt; (1662-1721)
  5. Sir Robert Pringle of Stichill, 3rd Bt; (1745-1779)
  6. Sir James Pringle of Stichill, 4th Bt; (1726-1809) Served Fusiliers, Col 59th Regt, Lt-Col Southern Fencibles, commanded Roxburghshire Yeomanry Cavalry; HM’s Master of Works Scotland, MP Berwicks 1761–79.
  7. Sir John Pringle of Stichill, 5th Bt; (1784-1869)
  8. Sir Norman Pringle of Stichill, 6th Bt; (1787-1870) Maj 21st Regt Northern Br Fus, Consul Stockholm and Dunkirk.
  9. Sir Norman William Drummond Pringle of Stichill, 7th Bt, (1836-1897) JP Selkirk; Col cmdg 1st Bn S Staffs Regt, member Royal Company of Archers.
  10. Sir Norman Robert Pringle of Stichill, 8th Bt; (1871-1919) Lt Army Pay Dept, T/Capt Inland Water Tport.
  11. Sir Norman Hamilton Pringle of Stichill, 9th Bt; (1903-1961) Squadron Leader RAF during WW II.
  12. Lt-Gen Sir Steuart Robert Pringle of Stichill, 10th Bt, KCB. (1928-2013) Commandant General of the Royal Marines and an honorary Admiral of the Texas Navy. Obituary in the Scotsman Newspaper.


The Standing Council of the Baronetage -

sir_james_pringle_stichill 4th Baronet by David Martin 1737 - 98 Sir Walter Pringle, Lord Newhall Sir Walter Pringle, Lord Newhall by Allan


Note by James Bruce Pringle (who is a senior member of the Pringle of Stitchill family.)
He can be contacted via E-mail: jbp email
I was persuaded in 2000 to the view that we were probably descended from Smailholm and I ‘corrected’, that is to say I removed Stichill’s second crest and motto from Burkes Peerage. I have since revised my views and returned to my original understanding due in part to the family’s Bonds of Manrent and their application e.g. the feud between Stewart v Pringle and the close involvement that the Newhall/Stichill family had with Hoppringill of that Ilk between 1581 and 1737, during which time Newhall/Stichill were treated as the senior cadet by that Ilk.

The Honourable Sir Walter Pringle of Newhall Knight

Written in 1736, by the Poet, William Hamilton of Bangour. Sir
Walter Pringle, a Lord of Session, with the title of Newhall, was
promoted to the Bench in 1718, and died 14th December 1736.
To fame let Flatt'ry the proud column raise,
And guilty greatness load with venal praise,
This monument for nobler use design'd
Speaks to the heart, and rises for mankind;
Whose moral strain, if rightly understood,
Invites thee to be humble, wise and good.
Learn here of life, life's ev'ry sacred end,
Hence form the father, husband, judge and friend:
Here wealth and greatness found no partial grace,
The poor look'd fearless in th' oppressor's face;
One plain good meaning thro' his conduct ran,
And if he err'd, alas! he err'd as man.
If then unconscious of so fair a fame
Thou read'st without the wish to be the same,
Tho' proud of titles, or of boundless store,
By blood ignoble, and by wealth made poor,
Yet read; some vice perhaps thou may'st resign,
Be ev'n that momentary virtue thine,
Heav'n in thy breast here work its first essay,
Think on this man, and pass unblam'd one day.


Free Online book: Records of the Baron Court of Stitchill, 1655-1807; (1905)
The 6th Baronet of Stitchill and the 1812 war:


Name meaning- CRAIGLEITH - Creag = hill ; leith = side.

Stitchell/Sitchel/Stychill = Steep hill.

Williamhope is named for Sir William Douglas, the Knight of Liddesdale, who died at Williamhope in 1353.


Sir Walter Pringle, Lord Newhall

sir_james_pringle_stichill 4th Baronet by David Martin 1737 - 98

Coffee pot made at West Pans in East Lothian















Stichill House

Stichill village






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